Hague Sno-Goers Inc.

448 New Hague Rd.

Hague, N.Y. 12836

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Thomas R. Haskell

(518) 543-2015

Vice President 

Wally Peterson


Elsbeth Crusius

Membership Secretary
Kim Coffin


Meg Haskell

Trail Coordinator

Grooming Coordinator

Matt Coffin

Vice Trail Coordinator Grooming Coordinator

Wally Peterson

Board of Directors

Art Steitz

Meg Haskell

Kim Coffin

Steve Morzello

Hague Sno-Goers



[All-clubs-2015] Sled renewals have hit the mailboxes!

(Click on link)

Applications have been raised to $30.00 for family/single membership By the NYSSA 


Trails are closed!!!

We will have a meeting on Friday September 23rd at 7:00 PM at The Hague firehouse( not Restaruant). We know not everyone can make it but we wanted to get a meeting in before September comes and goes. Topics that will be discussed is trail maintenance dates and the idea of purchasing an overseas container for storage of equipment and signs. The idea is we would have everything in one location ( that location TBD) and stored in a water tight,rodent resistant place. If you can not make the meeting please call me or e mail me and I will make sure your opinion is voiced at the meeting. As of now I have found 40' containers priced from 1500-2400 plus shipping. I'm waiting on a few more quotes.
*please forward this to any other members as needed *

    The Hague Sno-Goers Inc. is a Winter Sporting Club. Our Club is open to Snowmobiles and Cross Country Skiers. We started the sno-goers to improve Safety on the trails and to improve the over all enjoyment of Snowmobiling!!! We Have trails that are groomed, proper signage warning of hazards, trail ID markers, maps, all which meet or exceed N.Y. State Parks and The NYSSA Guidelines for snowmobiling!! We now have opened up the club and its trails for cross country skiers to enjoy!!  So if you Snowmobile, Cross Country Ski and are looking for a Safe and Fun Place to enjoy one or both activities Come Join The Hague Sno-Goers!!!!    Our Goal is to provide a Safe and Fun Time For Everyone Riding or Skiing on Our N.Y State Approved Trail System                                                                                             


Thomas Haskell

President HSG



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